Gt Touring on ICE - Pfeil nach unten



Fascination with ice. Nobody understands more than us. For 20 years, we have been racing for snow and ice. Experience incredible things. Enjoy the drift angles and curse the tractor – if the speed is good again – but the curve was too tight.

With put sports cars on spikes. For newcomers & experts, individually tailored and somehow different. Steering is gaining importance, the sound of the engines at over 6,000 rpm is phenomenal. Our programs are made smart and thus the learning success is guaranteed. Easy. Shut up. Addictiveness included.

Austria. Lapland. Mega. Come – drift – marvel.


Going North. A natural spectacle – Lake Lapland

For our drivers of the heart. Three days drive at the limit far from home. Direct flights from Stuttgart / Munich / Hanover and Cologne.

On 25 km of tracks – always cross, go. Grand Prix feeling included. The tracks are wide, the line fast. On time hunting – like, but only at night. Our fleet Spicy wants to know. Spikes – clear.
The time: intense. The experience: extraordinary …

Already pictures in the head? Not yet? Go hereGo here.


Das Leben bleibt schön. Snow & Fun Katschberg

Nur 300 km vor den Toren Münchens – sowie 100 km ab Airport Salzburg. Ein kleines Tal mit 3.500 m gespurter Eisbahnen. Family und Friends geschnappt, gemeinsame Anreise. Unser Sportwagen Fuhrpark läuft warm u. erwartet Euch.

Vier Sterne Wellness für die Einen, Attacke für die Anderen. Den Alltag vergessen. Die Preise sind fair – die Auswahl gross – ein Tag / zwei Tage – Porsche, McLaren fahrt doch wie Ihr wollt…

Total genial

Starte mit uns in die Winter-Saison 2020!